Is It Possible To Beat Super Mario Odyssey Without Jumping? Apparently

Super Mario Odyssey Jumping

Super Mario Odyssey is a masterstroke in game design, and quite simply one of the plumber’s (er, ex-plumber’s) greatest adventures yet. But it begs an interesting question – what if someone tried to beat the game without jumping?

Now, that sounds impossible, since Mario needs to get over some ledges with a jump, or to reach certain moons within the game. But that didn’t stop a YouTuber by the name of Gamechamp3000 from giving it a try, even though he technically bent the rules a little bit in terms of what defines a jump and what doesn’t.

The video, which can be seen below, indicates Gamechamp3000’s discovery of a jump counter within the game, which prompted him to give the challenge a try. But, again, he did some exploring to see what counts as jumps. For instance, bouncing off Cappy doesn’t really qualify as a jump, even though you’re in the air. However, talking to an NPC does quality as a jump. And as you swim and jump out of the water, you don’t really jump.

Also, when Mario is kicked off Bowser’s vessel at the beginning and Cappy goes chasing after him, he’s knocked out cold on the ground, and the only way to get up is to – wait for it – jump. But this technically doesn’t count because, well, you can’t start the game without it, right? At least, that’s what this YouTuber tends to think. I mean, you have to jump to begin, right? Sort of.

Yeah, confusing, but the video makes more sense, as Gamechamp3000 thinks about taking on such a challenge. And who knows, this may just push a few gamers to actually give it a try and figure out some of the rules surrounding game design in order to try and complete the game with no – or minimal – jumps.


Check out the video below and ask yourself – what can a Jumpman do if he doesn’t jump? Surprisingly, quite a bit. (By the way, Jumpman was one of Mario’s earlier names before it was eventually settled on, well, Mario.)

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch.