Super Mario Party Jamboree Announced for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Party Jamboree launches for the Nintendo Switch on October 17th.

Nintendo announced a new entry in the beloved Mario Party games this week by unveiling Super Mario Party Jamboree during the Nintendo Direct. Unlike Mario Party Superstars before it which released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021, this new Super Mario Party Jamboree game will consist largely of new boards instead of remade ones from past games. A trailer released for Super Mario Party Jamboree during the event showed off some of the new mini games players will compete in and confirmed that the game would be out on October 17th, but we haven't yet gotten a full rundown of what all games will be in it. 

Our first look at Super Mario Jamboree can be seen in the trailer below courtesy of June's Nintendo Direct. It showed off the five new boards that we'll be playing on which include Rainbow Galleria, Roll 'em Raceway, Goomba Lagoon, King Bowser's Keep, and Mega Wiggler's Tree Party. While these five maps will be wholly new to the series, Super Mario Party Jamboree will also include two maps from past games. Mario's Rainbow Castle will make a return from the original Mario Party, and the cowboy-themed Western Land will be brought forward from Mario Party 2.

Similar to other Mario Party games, these maps will have gimmicks unique to each one that add variables to the experience. The Rainbow Galleria, for example, uses escalators to help players get around the mall, and you can buy stars during flash sales using in-game coins. Roll 'em Raceway has things like a die which allows you to move up to 40 spaces at once, and Goomba Lagoon has a volcano which erupts to spread what appear to be golden Goombas across the map. Details on the other two maps were not shared at this time.

As for the mini games, we saw a quick montage of different games being played, but specifics again weren't named. What we do know, however, is that the game will have an incredible number of these mini games with over 110 included in Super Mario Party Jamboree. To fill all these games, Nintendo said that the new Mario Party game can hold up to 20 players in an online session. A press release shared shortly after the Nintendo Direct aired confirmed that this 20-player session will be called a "Koopathlon" mode which seems to be a mass race to see who can come out on top as opposed to a team-based mode.

Super Mario Party Jamboree launches for the Nintendo Switch on October 17th.