Super Meat Boy Returns In Meat-Soaked Sequel

A few years ago, the developers at Team Meat released a diabolically hard – but still incredibly [...]

A few years ago, the developers at Team Meat released a diabolically hard – but still incredibly awesome – platformer called Super Meat Boy, where a rolling ball of meat set out to rescue his girlfriend from the vicious Dr. Fetus. The game made a huge splash on Xbox 360 and PC before moving on to other platforms. And now, he's back with a vengeance!

During the "Nindies" video presentation that was hosted by Nintendo earlier today, Team Meat confirmed that the hero will make his return in Super Meat Boy Forever, which is set to release on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. It's also coming to other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and it appears mobile devices as well.

In it, Meat Boy is back, alongside his girlfriend Bandage Girl, as they care for their young child Nugget. But it isn't long before Dr. Fetus shows up once again, knocking them out and kidnapping the youngling. After waking up, the duo vows to rescue their child by any means necessary.

The sequel will not only introduce Bandage Girl as a playable character alongside Meat Boy, but it'll actually give them the ability to hit things. Both characters now have a better sense of movement, as well as the ability to punch and kick foes, as well as slide under objects. This should make for some very interesting boss battles down the road.

Of course, the levels themselves are still filled with treachery, with everything from explosive trips to gigantic buzzsaws (man, Dr. Fetus is diabolical) that you'll need to avoid. The game will also have a new ranking system for the pro players, along with daily challenges that offer up something new, and plenty of secrets for players to track down – if they're good enough, that is.

The debut trailer for Super Meat Boy Forever can be found above, and there's a pretty good chance you'll be able to play the game at PAX West if you're headed to the show this weekend. We'll track it down and let you know what we think. It's time for get back into the Meat sweats!