Super Nintendo Chalmers Is Now An Actual Thing, On An Actual SNES System

You have to love fans that are able to deliver on a joke with just the right product – and one [...]


You have to love fans that are able to deliver on a joke with just the right product – and one devotee by the name of zoki64 has done such a thing.

A few years back, a joke ran on The Simpsons, in which a character was referred to as "Super Nintendo Chalmers." Well, this Slovenian artist has actually gone and made a Super Nintendo with Chalmers on it. No, we're not kidding.

Initially reported by Kotaku, this system was actually a commissioned request by SpicySNES, apparently some kind of Simpsons fan. And lo and behold, zoki64 delivered with this exquisite looking system.

But as you can see from the zoki64 YouTube channel, this artist is no stranger to custom paint jobs, offering up a devoted Nintendo 64 system based on Tron, as well as custom Pokemon and Legend of Zelda Game Boy systems. You can see the Super Nintendo Chalmers system in all its glory below.

Zoki64 didn't just go for a quick paint job, either. They went all out and glossed over the system with a beautiful finish, and even went as far as to swap out the typical SNES power light with a yellow bulb, so it matches the motif of the system. The cartridge slot has also been expanded a little bit, so that it's capable of playing European and Japanese Super Famicom cartridges, along with the typical SNES ones.

Also, get a close look at the two yellow-ish controllers that are included with the system. If you can see the print, you can read that it actually says "Super Nintendo Chalmers" – a nice take on the typical SNES logo.

Zoki64 did a remarkable job with this design, and we believe they're taking even more requests, in case you're in the mood for a custom SNES system. It'll cost a bit, but, as you can see from the Chalmers design, it's certainly worth every penny. Now we just need to do some research and see what other Super Nintendo jokes we can find.

Oh, and what we wouldn't give for that Tron system. Yes, please.