How To Play Super Nintendo & Playstation Games On Your Nintendo Switch

Even though Nintendo has been applying heavy anti-pirating measures for its Switch console as of late, that hasn’t stopped some creative folks from trying their luck with new emulators -- and they may have just provided some of the biggest ones to date.

This report from Resetera indicates that a pair of programs have gone live that allows fans to play Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance and Sega Genesis games flawlessly on their Nintendo Switch. For that matter, there’s also an emulator where PlayStation 1 games work “alright” on the system, though not all games have been tested out for it.

These come from a program called Retroarch, with the links available over on the Resetera page. They note that the emulators support OpenGL, as well as savestates, shader and “even Netplay,” based on the report. For good measure, some screenshots of certain games were also provided, showing them up and running on the system with some custom-made overlays. You can see those screenshots below.

Switch 2
(Photo: Resetera)
Switch 3
(Photo: Resetera)
Switch 4
(Photo: Resetera)
Switch 5
(Photo: Resetera)
Switch 6
(Photo: Resetera)

From the looks of things, it looks like the system runs off a simple interface, interconnecting with roms across each of the systems. And there are some key examples of games used, including Secret of Evermore for the SNES, the long-lost Star Fox 2 for SNES, and one of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games (probably the first one) from the PlayStation era.

However, no video of this emulator has surfaced just yet, so we don’t have proof of how well they run. You’ll probably have to hunt around the Internet to find those.


Now, while it is kind of neat to see classic games up and running on the Switch, keep in mind that, again, Nintendo takes anti-piracy extremely seriously on the system. They even went out of their way to file a lawsuit against a ROM site, which recently closed up shop. So it’s unknown just how long these mods will last.

You can try them if you wish, but do so at your own risk. Considering they’re unofficial emulators, they’ll probably get wiped with the next system update. Good luck.