Nintendo Hypes Up Super Nintendo World with New Merch

With Super Nintendo World officially now open at Universal Studios Japan after the attraction [...]

With Super Nintendo World officially now open at Universal Studios Japan after the attraction opened its doors earlier this year, one of the next stops the park will make is Universal Studios Hollywood. We don't yet know for sure when the attraction will open in the Hollywood location, but whatever the plans are, Nintendo and Universal Studios are apparently ready to start advertising the opening in a new way. The pair announced some new Super Nintendo World merch on Friday to show off some of the characters you'll see when you're walking around the park once Super Nintendo World opens in California.

The merch offers just a small sampling of Super Mario Bros. characters to start with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi featured in the collection of items shared this week. Mario and Yoshi both take the form of plush figures with Mario and Luigi hats on sale, too. Mario and Peach are both represented on the back of some drawstring backpacks as well.

There is a big caveat with this merch, however. Since it's meant to advertise the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, it's only going to be sold at the Hollywood location. You can pick up the gear now if you're planning on going to the park some time soon since it's only going to be available for a limited time, but unless you purchase it that way, your next best bet is probably an inflated eBay listing from a third-party seller.

One thing that you can get from home and for free is continued updates on the progress being made on Super Nintendo World in California. We've got park-themed accounts on YouTube and other social platforms to thank for that with people dutifully cataloguing the construction of the attraction at its new location. Those sorts of updates offer limited views of animatronics, sections of the park resembling different key regions from the Mushroom Kingdom, and more glimpses of iconic Mario callouts. We can likely expect to receive plenty more of those before the plans for the park are finalized and an opening date is announced.