Super Nintendo World Model Photos Reportedly Leak

super nintendo world
(Photo: Nintendo)

Some new images have surfaced online that appear to show a model for Universal Parks' new Super Nintendo World project that's supposed to be open to guests in 2020. These images show off a model with mushrooms, Bowser's castle, and various other points of interest that'll look familiar to anyone who's played through more than a few Super Mario games. The mode in question appears to be dated a few years back, so while some of what's shown may be outdated assuming this is even a legit leak, it gives an idea of what attendees may see at the park.

The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast shared the images below which appear to be dated from 2016, according to the Universal-themed group. Alicia Stella from Orlando ParkStop, a site which keeps up with all the news and rumors surrounding theme parks and their developments, spotted the images as well and added some context. Some of the working names for rides which can reportedly be spotted in the model include Mine-Cart Madness, Yoshi's Adventure, Toadstool Café, and, of course, Mario Kart.

News on the Super Nintendo World front has been slim since its currently only in the construction stage right now, but those who have been keeping up with the development of the park will know that it's an attraction planned for multiple Universal Parks locations. The first of those will be Japan, a location which is still said to be opening in 2020.

"Theme park development with Universal Parks & Resorts is underway," Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said previously. "Construction on the 'Super Nintendo World' area at Universal Studios Japan is to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics."

The other sites that'll play host to the attraction will be Universal's parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore.


While these images of the model still can't be believed fully since the leak is unverified and the designs could be dated by this point, we at least do have some official images to show what Nintendo and Universal have in mind for the parks. Those images were released earlier this year and gave Nintendo fans and parks enthusiasts some mockups to hold them over until we see more.