'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Bug Creates Infinite Assist Trophies

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have found a new bug that causes Isabelle to spawn an infinite [...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have found a new bug that causes Isabelle to spawn an infinite number of Assist Trophies to torment her opponents with.

It's an extremely situational bug that only happens when an Isabelle is fighting another Isabelle, but if players can pull it off, they'll witness quite the scene with an endless army of Assist Trophies appearing on-screen. Due to the random nature of the Assist Trophy, there's no telling what players fill find, but reproducing the glitch is easy enough.

TheAfrowJow's video above shows players how they too can cause the bug to happen in their games as long as they have someone to play along with them in the mirror matchup. By using Isabelle's side special, she throws out a Fishing Rod that can be used to grab enemies, items, or the ledge in case she's about to fall off the stage. In this case, Isabelle players will want to grab an Assist Trophy while another Isabelle grabs the same item with her Fishing Rod. Whichever Isabelle throws out the rod first will be the one who gets the Assist Trophy, but she'll get many more than she went fishing for since the bug will then trigger as she remains stationary and uses the same Assist Trophy over and over.

The effects of the endless stream of Assist Trophies differ depending on which Assist Trophy character comes out, but the results are always interesting to see. Many of the Trophies just pop out a character who beats up the opponent, but pulling out some like Devil from Devil World will result in stranger situations, that particular example causing the Devil to push the screen endlessly in one direction while automatically killing the players caught off to the side.

Isabelle's new bug was found after the game's first update went out, so it's still reproducible right now until Nintendo patches it out. TheAfrowJow posted another video on Monday that showed more of the infinite Assist Trophy outcomes.

This isn't even the first Isabelle bug that's been found recently either with another unique situation resulting from an Isabelle matchup. When playing against a Villager and shooting a Slingshot projectile at her opponent, Isabelle can Pocket the projectile once it's fired back at her. After playing catch back and forth for a few throws though, the game will crash with that bug also easily reproduced.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch.