Dentist Offers Free Cleaning to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players Who Can Beat Him

A dentist in Massachusetts has employed a unique marketing tactic involving Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: If you're able to beat the dentist in a match, you get a free teeth cleaning. The dentist, Dr. Shah, shared a video this past week that explained the challenge and outlined the rules for the challenge. Dr. Shah appears to know his stuff when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, too, so it looks like people might actually have a hard time earning that free treatment.

The video below from Dr. Shah is pretty short and basically just explains the prize and what players have to do to earn it, but over on Reddit where the dentist shared the video, some more rules were outlined. He's located up at Zen Family Dental in Ashland, Massachusetts, so you'll obviously have to be in that area to win since it's only a local challenge, not an online one.

It's a one challenge per person setup which makes sense for any kind of promotion like this, but the finer details of the challenge show that Dr. Shah has thought out the format of the challenge. Players compete against him on a Nintendo Switch provided by the dentist in a three-stock battle with a six-minute time limit. Neither items nor Final Smashes are allowed, and the match has to be played on a map set to the Final Destination variant which flattens it out and removes level damage. You can bring your own controller if you want, even if it's a GameCube controller.

If you win, you get the free cleaning, though you still have to pay for some of the associated things like an exam. If you lose, you're asked to post on social media about the loss at the dental practice to further help market the business and challenge.

Despite what some people might've assumed, Dr. Shah does not, in fact, main Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead, he said in the replies on Reddit that he used to be a Little Mac player before switching over to Pyra and Mythra, so Dr. Shah's all caught up on DLC for those who are worried about their main not being available.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has one more DLC character on the way, speaking of, though some "leaks" about who that character might be haven't always held up to scrutiny.