'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' and 'King of the Hill' Collide for the Ultimate Fight

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has only just released but it's already experiences phenomenal success. [...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has only just released but it's already experiences phenomenal success. Though not surprising given the long-standing love for this franchise, Nintendo players couldn't wait to jump right in and join the fight. Apparently, neither could the crew over at King of the Hill - at least according to this hilarious custom Mii fighter line-up.

Time to find out who the true king of the hill is.... from r/SmashBrosUltimate

You can almost hear the "Dammit, Bobby!" in the background. With the renowned propane pro Hank Hill leading the pack, Dale, Boomhauer, Bill, Bobby, Jon Redcorn, Khan, and Buck all joined the fight. The Redditor even revealed who was the winner: Dale (which, fair).

The latest in the fighter genre has the biggest roster that the series has ever seen with more surprises than ever before. Now that we know that Persona 5's Joker is coming to the fight, Nintendo really has proven that anything is possible in the world of Smash.

In fact, Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime recently sat down with the folks over at THR to talk about what comes next for the online title. "What we've announced is that there's going to be five characters that are going to be part of our DLC content," he told the site.

"Each character will come with a stage and a collection of music. You can buy them individually or you can buy them in a fighter's pass, so all five for effectively, in the U.S., $24.99. So, that's going to be the DLC. The reason it was so important to showcase Joker was really to help the player understand that the net has been cast very wide for the different new fighters who will enter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. From that perspective, it's going to be very exciting. As it gets closer to the launch of the next fighter we'll reveal that, so stay tuned for that."

We know that the possibility is slim, but with The Witcher's Geralt now in yet another crossover with Monster Hunter: World, we're kind of hoping he gets lost in another portal and winds up in Smash. We can dream!

Any dream picks from other franchises that you'd like to see make their way into the game? Sound off in the comment section below with your thoughts on who could be next, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!