'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Player Brings Nigel Thornberry to the Fight

Give players the power to create their own characters, watch the madness unfold. Though the Mii [...]

Give players the power to create their own characters, watch the madness unfold. Though the Mii customization is pretty limited, that hasn't stopped Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players from having a field day with who they can add to the roster - in an unofficial capacity. For fans of the Nickelodeon cartoon The Wild Thornberrys, Nigel himself has entered the fight!

Made a less scary Nigel Thornberry after figuring the Mustache out. from r/SmashBrosUltimate

It's SMASHING! Now for a little backstory! Sir Nigel Archibald Thornberry is the host of 'Nigel Thornberry's Wild World', a show that takes both he and his family around the world to study animals in their natural habitats. Known for his "smashing" catchphrase and ridiculous (we mean epic) mustache, he's definitely a fun character to try to recreate. We've seen him in SoulCalibur, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dark Souls ... Nigel's been everywhere.

With all of the incredible records that the latest fighter from Nintendo has beaten thus far, it's easy to see why so many are enjoying the game and bringing their own Miis into the mix. As for the title itself, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can learn even more about the title over oat our Game Hub here to learn more about updates, new features, and how to unlock your favorite fighters! You can also hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

For more about the latest entry into the fighter franchise:

"Gaming icons clash in the ultimate brawl you can play anytime, anywhere! Smash rivals off the stage as new characters Simon Belmont and King K. Rool join Inkling, Ridley, and every fighter in Super Smash Bros. history. Enjoy enhanced speed and combat at new stages based on the Castlevania series, Super Mario Odyssey, and more!

"Having trouble choosing a stage? Then select the Stage Morph option to transform one stage into another while battling - a series first! Plus, new echo fighters Dark Samus, Richter Belmont, and Chrom join the battle. Whether you play locally or online, savor the faster combat, new attacks, and new defensive options, like a perfect shield. Jam out to 900 different music compositions and go 1-on-1 with a friend, hold a 4-player free-for-all, kick it up to 8-player battles and more! Feel free to bust out your GameCube controllers - legendary couch competitions await - or play together anytime, anywhere!"

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