Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 13.0.1 Live, Patch Notes Released

While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will no longer be receiving any new fighters or stages, Nintendo continues to support it in a number of different ways. Today, the Nintendo Switch game was updated to version 13.0.1. The game's latest resolves a handful of issues players might have encountered, while also providing the final adjustments we'll see to the game's fighters. Last but not least, Nintendo has updated the game to offer support for the two Metroid Dread amiibo figures that released earlier this year. Patch notes from Nintendo's official website can be found below:

Ver. 13.0.1 (Released December 1, 2021)


  • Game-balance adjustments have been made. Please see the details of fixes and changes to fighters.
  • The Samus (Metroid Dread) & E.M.M.I. (Metroid Dread) amiibo are now supported 
  • Note: If you go to amiibo in Games & More and tap these amiibo to the NFC area, you can receive their spirits.
  • Note: Samus (Metroid Dread) can be used as a Figure Player (FP).
  • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience. 

The addition of support for the Metroid Dread amiibo should be welcome news for fans of the series, particularly those that don't own the original Samus figure. Of course, most players will be much more interested in the various changes that have been made to the game's fighters. Today's update makes alterations to several characters, including Donkey Kong, Mewtwo, Sora, Link, Mega Man, Pyra and Mythra, and more. It's hard to say for certain what impact these changes might have, but the smallest differences can result in huge gameplay changes, so players will just have to see for themselves!

Unfortunately, minor updates are all Smash Bros. fans have to look forward to, for the time being. Nintendo has not announced any plans for the future of the franchise, leaving many to wonder what might come next. Fans will probably be waiting until the next Nintendo console's release, but there's still no news on when that might be. For now, readers can check out all of our previous coverage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right here.

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