Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 9.0.2 Released, Patch Notes Revealed

The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch is now live, and Nintendo has released patch notes detailing the changes that fans can expect from version 9.0.2. While the previous update specifically addressed issues stemming from the addition of the game's newest DLC fighter, this update covers various odds and ends related to Zelda and Duck Hunt, as well as issues with the game's stages. Casual fans shouldn't expect to see too many changes, but passionate players should be happy with some of the fixes that are now live in the game. Full patch notes from Nintendo can be found below.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use the stick to jump while falling after creating an anvil using the down air attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the gunman from Duck Hunt’s down special and the phantom from Zelda’s down special were not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the initial velocity of Samus’s and Dark Samus’s up special when used on the ground was not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where fighters would sometimes warp on the Venom stage.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes fighters would pass through landscapes when they were launched on some stages.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes you would be forced to end a battle on a stage created in Stage Builder.
  • Various gameplay fixes.

At this time, it remains to be seen when the next major update will be unveiled, but version 10.0.0 won't release until the next fighter joins the game. Released last month, Steve was the second of six DLC fighters to appear as part of the game's Fighter's Pass Vol. 2. Rumors have been flying about which fighter will be the next revealed for the game, suggesting everyone from Crash Bandicoot to Waluigi. Fans will likely have to wait until early next year to see who will join the game next, however. In the meantime, Nintendo will continue tweaking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to make sure that the current product remains the best it can be!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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