'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' World of Light Story Mode Revealed

When it arrives for Nintendo Switch next month, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to have a whole lot to offer players. Along with a traditional set of multiplayer modes with a loaded roster to boot, there will also be a new story mode that will prove to be the greatest challenge to the Smash crew to date -- welcome to World of Light!

During this morning's Nintendo Direct special, game director Mashhiro Sakurai revealed the new mode with a cinematic, which you can see above. In it, we get a better idea of how spirits came to be within the game, though some might be confused as to what's really happening to the Smash cast.

The trailer begins with Star Fox and several Nintendo heroes getting together to battle what looks like a large spiritual entity. "Don't let a single one get away!" the hero says as all his allies stand behind him. But, yeah, as you can see, there's a lot flying in the sky there, powered by a strange looking spiritual creature with a glowing center.

As the combatants prepare for battle, the "hand" boss that appears at the end suddenly fades away, and the spiritual being unleashes a devastating attack that suddenly shoots beams everywhere.

As these beams fly around, players begin to evaporate into spiritual dust, vanishing without a trace. Now, before you start thinking, "Hey, what is Thanos up to?", there's something else at play here.

The spirits begin floating around on what appears to be an alternate world, one that's covered in darkness. Kirby suddenly lands on the planet surface, getting a good look around. He sees a distant city aglow with strange beams, something that the players are sure to explore.

We then see the spirit being encased in a strange sphere, and then a captured Mario get copied over into a figure, which is then brought to life by a spirit. But this is a much more sinister force that takes over several beings, which you'll have to battle over the course of the World of Light campaign. And it looks like Kirby has to save everyone, though this can change as you "unlock" characters.

We get an idea of how these chapters will unfold, as you can select battles over the course of the campaign, doing battle with the likes of Mario and other combatants taken over by the spirits. And, in pure Smash fashion, you'll have to face more than one on certain occasions.

You'll discover these challenges as you make your way across a massive map, with areas inspired by other Nintendo franchises. As you go along, you'll "learn" new techniques (like the "Tilt Attack" hinted at in the trailer) and unlock new Spirits, which it appears you'll be able to use in the main game.

The World of Light mode looks very ambitious, and has an amazing song to back it up, as you can hear in the trailer above. We're excited to give this a go!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7 for Nintendo Switch.