Super Star Wars Nearly Released On Sega Genesis

While Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has become the most celebrated Star Wars game in a very long time, the franchise has boasted a number of strong video games through the years. Released in 1992, Super Star Wars was easily the most impressive game based on the Star Wars films, at the time of its release. Utilizing the Super Nintendo's unique Mode 7 capabilities, the game was an incredible achievement, and Sega Genesis owners eyed the game with some jealousy, at the height of the console wars. However, as it turns out, the game very nearly appeared on that console, as well! The Cutting Room Floor and Hidden Palace have obtained a copy of the incomplete Genesis version, and uploaded some heretofore unseen footage from the game.

While the game is very clearly unfinished, it does appear to be quite faithful to the original SNES game. However, since Sega Genesis games could not emulate the Super Nintendo's Mode 7 abilities, there would have been some changes made to the game. In the above video, the Death Star run sequence from the Super Nintendo original is alluded to, but it appears that it would have been turned into a first-person sequence, instead. The video does not show footage of this sequence, which means LucasArts probably didn't get around to it before the game was cancelled.

Findings like these are always quite interesting. The video game industry has always been shrouded in a bit of secrecy, as games are constantly cancelled or fail to release, for one reason or another. More often than not, the remnants of these games end up abandoned, never seeing the light of day. Thankfully, as game preservation has become a bigger priority, this is changing, but far too many titles have been lost to time.

The Super Star Wars trilogy was a Super Nintendo exclusive at the time, but the games have been released for a number of other consoles through the years, including PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii. While the games may not seem nearly as cutting edge today as they once were, there's a magical simplicity to Star Wars content that released in the era prior to the prequels, when there was still an air of magic around the franchise.


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