Supergiant Games Bringing 'Bastion,' 'Transistor' to Nintendo Switch

Today was a pretty small but significant showcase for the Nintendo Indies (or Nindies) special, [...]


Today was a pretty small but significant showcase for the Nintendo Indies (or Nindies) special, with a number of new announcements, including the surprise debut of Into the Breach. But fans of Supergiant Games had two big reasons to cheer today.

During the presentation, it was revealed that both Bastion and Transistor would be making their way to the Nintendo Switch this year, with the former dropping on Sept. 13 and the latter coming in November. Pricing hasn't been revealed yet, but the games should be around $14.99 a piece. You can check out the company's official announcement below as well.

Bastion originally put Supergiant Games on the map, debuting in 2011 and bringing with it a fun adventure with The Kid, an unnamed hero who sets out across an ever-changing world. Critics instantly fell in love with this game upon release, especially with the dynamic commentary that runs throughout from the narrator. No, it's really something.

Transistor followed in 2014, originally releasing on PlayStation 4 before eventually arriving for PC and mobile devices. It has a similar isometric set-up as Bastion, but features a more fantasy-based world, not to mention a mighty sword that actually speaks with you over the course of your adventure. Fans and critics loved this one as well, and helped the game sell over one million copies overall.

Supergiant has already confirmed that both Bastion and Transistor will be playable at its booth during this weekend's PAX West event in Seattle, so fans can check them out and see how well they run on the Switch. It's a good opportunity to catch back up to them, in case you missed the games the first time around or just want to experience them all over again.

Of course, this just leaves us with one question: When can we expect Supergiant Games to port over its latest release, Pyre? More than likely, it's probably "feeling out the Nintendo Switch market" before making such a move, just to see how well their games perform. But it did phenomenally well when it released for PS4 and PC last year, so it would be right at home on the Switch. Maybe in 2019?

For now, enjoy the first two offerings from Supergiant. There's a reason they've gotten such a tremendous following over the years.