Superman Actor Dean Cain Reenacts Gruesome Injustice Scene With The Joker

One of the grimmest and most shocking moments in video game and DC Comics history was recreated in [...]

One of the grimmest and most shocking moments in video game and DC Comics history was recreated in a less-than-grim way this past weekend at the Supernova comic convention in Australia. Superman actor Dean Cain paired up with a Joker cosplayer to bring the moment that shattered alliances and started the entire Injustice war to life. Injustice comic writer Tom Taylor stood by and watched in faux horror as the scene played out before him:

Now that's funny; I don't care who you are. Look at the Joker's face. He just can't believe that he's being ripped apart by THE Dean Cain right now:

omg joker

Of course for those of you who have read the Injustice comics and played the two Injustice fighting games, you know that this is quite possibly the most significant moment in DC Comics history, depending on which canon or timeline you find to be the most compelling. This is the moment that Superman, the once-great savior of the world, turned into a ruthless dictator with rage so unquenchable that even Atrocitus looks docile and charming in comparison.

In the comicbook image you can see that Batman is utterly shocked and horrified. Though the Dark Knight be brooding and unforgiving at times, he has a strict "no-kill" policy that extends even to the most twisted criminals. In one furious blow Superman tipped a domino that would eventually lead to several more murders -- not only of dangerous and twisted criminals, but of many heroes he once called friends as well. And we're not even sure Joker got the worst of it; poor Shazam got his brains melted with heat vision while he was awake. He probably vividly felt that agonizing moment where his skull turned to mush and all went black. WTF Superman...

But that's enough of that. Today we laugh at the great sport that is Dean Cain and the creative mind that is Tom Taylor. We're glad the two got to come together and celebrate DC Comics at Supernova, and we're glad that fans like this one ended up with a picture that will be remembered for years to come not only by himself, but by fans all over the world.