Game Informer Editor Addresses Superman Rocksteady Rumors


So a few days ago, comic book fans went into a tizzy when a rumor on 4chan listed Superman as the next game being worked on by Rocksteady Studios. The developer helped bring back the Dark Knight to the video game world with the Batman Arkham series, so we couldn't help but wonder how they'd treat the Man of Steel.

But, alas, that's the thing about 4chan – they're not really a legitimate source. The original story indicated that Superman would be revealed this week through Game Informer, as their big title for December. But when a fan pointed out the story to a member of its staff, the response was lighthearted at best.

Andrew Reiner, who serves as the executive editor of Game Informer, recently asked Twitter, "Why do you keep asking me about Superman?" after getting several responses from fans. After someone pointed out the 4chan story, he responded, "Hahahaha!" The fan then asked if it was confirmed or not, and Reiner simply said, "Superman? No." You can view that part of the conversation below.

Well, that was a nice pipe dream while it lasted. But there's always the chance that Rocksteady could be working on some kind of comic book property, and we could see a reveal sometime soon – maybe even next month during the Video Game Awards. If you recall, the show is where Batman: Arkham City first got its initial reveal years ago, and Warner Bros. has always been good with Geoff Keighley and company, so you never can tell.

In the meantime, if you want your good dose of Superman in games, there's always Injustice 2, where the Man of Steel plays a big part in the main storyline – and kicks plenty of butt in versus action as well. It sure beats his solo efforts, in which games like Superman Returns and Superman 64 have left a sour taste in the mouths of gamers and comic book fans alike. To say that we're due for a good Superman game again is an understatement.

We'll see what Rocksteady is working on soon enough, and it will hopefully "blow minds" like the company stated. Considering its work on the Batman: Arkham series, we certainly wouldn't be surprised.