Taito, Space Invaders Preparing For Steam Invasion In 2018

Space Invaders Steam

The cool thing about classic games is that they always seem to mount some sort of comeback, be it in a cool package (like the SNES Classic Edition) or as a re-release for audiences to enjoy all over again.

So leave it to Taito to get in on the action, as the company has recently advertised some sort of forthcoming “invasion” for the Steam service in 2018.

That teaser site literally works as a teaser site, showing a Space Invader appearing and indicating that the “invasion” will take place sometime in 2018.

So what is this “invasion”? More than likely, it means we’ll be seeing a plethora of classic Taito titles available for the service. Degica Games, a company that specializes in publishing quirky titles like Dariusburst Chronicles, recently confirmed its partnership with Taito on said games, and although specific titles weren’t revealed just yet, it looks like Taito’s classic Space Invaders will lead the charge.

This is actually a great idea, as Taito has a huge classic game library to choose from, which people would pay good money to see again. In fact, back in the PlayStation 2/Xbox era, Taito capitalized on the idea with its Taito Legends games, bringing back a number of old-school favorites, including Ninja Kids, Darius G and RayStorm, amongst many others.


It looks like Taito could be preparing for a big comeback with these titles, and the timing couldn’t be better. Several companies are already making big bucks bringing back old-school favorites for new systems, like SNK with its line-up of Neo-Geo titles, and Hamster with its Arcade Archives games. (In fact, a recent Taito classic, Elevator Action, just came out for PlayStation 4 under that label – and, yes, it’s still great.)

We’ll let you know what Taito and Degica Games have planned in the months ahead, but this is a good time to throw some requests their way to see what they come up with. What we need is an Elevator Action combo that includes Elevator Action Returns. And, for that matter, a Ninja Kids with online play. And while we’re at it, probably wouldn’t hurt to ask for a Bubble Bobble collection, right?