Tales of Arise Reveals Epic New Trailer

Few RPGs have the following of Namco Bandai's Tales series, and that's why fans were excited to [...]

Few RPGs have the following of Namco Bandai's Tales series, and that's why fans were excited to get the announcement last year of the newest entry in the long-running franchise, which is titled Tales of Arise. Unfortunately, after some initial details about the game surfaced online, it was radio silence for quite a while, and the last thing we heard from the studio was that the game was delayed for an unknown amount of time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully we finally got an up-close look at the game this morning with a brand new trailer, as well as the next date for more information, which will happen in spring.

While there's not a lot out there about the game's story, we do have a few details. The game will take place on the planet Dahna, and will revolve around the people of Dahna who have devoted their worship to Rena, the planet in the sky. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that Rena has been pillaging the planet of resources and maintained a tyrannical hold on those who live there, and we'll likely learn more about it through the eyes of the two lead characters, who are from different worlds.

The trailer gives us a look at those two lead characters, who are working together but still seem to be wary of each other. We also see the powerful beings they're up against and some stylish action sequences, and this latest Tales game seems to be as epic as ever.

You can find the official description below.

"On the planet Dahna, reverence has always been given to Rena, the planet in the sky, as a land of the righteous and divine. Stories handed down for generations became truth and masked reality for the people of Dahna. For 300 years, Rena has ruled over Dahna, pillaging the planet of its resources and stripping people of their dignity and freedom.

Our tale begins with two people, born on different worlds, each looking to change their fate and create a new future. Featuring a new cast of characters, updated combat, and classic Tales of gameplay mechanics, experience the next chapter in the world-famous Tales of series, Tales of Arise."

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