Team Sonic Racing Gameplay Trailer Revealed

We went hands-on with Team Sonic Racing earlier in the year and, though we still prefer the racing [...]

We went hands-on with Team Sonic Racing earlier in the year and, though we still prefer the racing spirit of Transformed, we found it to be a real treat for fans of the series. Not only that, but it shows that the developers at Sumo Digital haven't lost a step when it comes to capturing racing goodness.

But now you can see more evidence of that, as Sega has introduced a new trailer for Team Sonic Racing that features more of its gameplay -- including some team mechanics that can assist you with acquiring that all-important victory!

The trailer is above and features a number of characters from the Sonic universe doing their thing, including the newly introduced Big the Cat of Sonic Adventure fame. There are a number of abilities introduced in the trailer, including the ability to Skimboost and Slingshot your way into the lead.

Unfamiliar with those terms? Not to worry, here's a general glossary:

  • Skimboost: Boost struggling teammates back into action as you drive by!
  • Slingshot: Slipstream a teammate for a slingshot boost!
  • Rival Takedown: Knock out highlighted opponents ahead and speed past them!
  • Item Box Transfer: Send and receive Wisps with teammates anywhere on the track!
  • Team Ultimate: Use Team Mechanics to fill your Team Ultimate meter and unleash a massive team boost!

Not only that, but the trailer also introduces us to Team Rose, featuring a number of "lovable" racers, as well as Ice Mountain, a new course that promises to test your skill across some icy new terrain. Better bring your snow tires.

Thus far, Team Sonic Racing is looking pretty solid, though Sega still doesn't have a release date lined up for it just yet. More than likely we'll see an announcement in the coming weeks, so we can know just how long we'll have to wait until we hit the road with Sonic and company.

For now, though, the trailer will certainly suffice -- and something tells us we'll be getting another peek at the game sooner rather than later, especially with Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show coming up! Sega is already confirmed to have presence at both events.

Team Sonic Racing will release later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.