Teamfight Tactics Is Going Mobile in March

Teamfight Tactics will be playable on mobile devices as early as mid-March, Riot Games announced this week. The League of Legends game mode that serves as Riot’s representation in the autobattler genre was previously confirmed to be going mobile during Riot’s 10-year anniversary celebrating League, and a new update on its development has further narrowed the release timeframe. It’ll be available for mobile devices in March with the game mode’s new set of champions and features also scheduled to go live that month.

Riot shared the latest on its Teamfight Tactics game mode in a dev video that laid out some of the developer’s plans for 2020. Teamfight Tactics producer Dax Andrus and Stephen Mortimer, the game design lead for the game mode, looked back on the short history of Teamfight Tactics and how it’s changed since release before moving on to say what’s happening in March.

Just as Rise of the Elements introduced new champions and traits to the game mode, Set 3 will do the same. The Rioters dropped hints about what will be included in that set by showing certain champions using unique skins and also emphasizing different words. It sounds like we can expect the PROJECT, Star Guardian, Odyssey, and Pulsefire lines of champions to be included in the next set. Specific champions shown in the video include Fiora, Poppy, Jinx, and Shen, though it’s unknown what other types of champions will be included and which will return from the Rise of the Elements.

After teasing the contents of Set 3, Riot gave some more direct news about Teamfight Tactics plans for March that include a mobile release.

“That’s not all we have planned for March though,” Andrus said. “That’s also when we’re aiming to bring TFT to mobile in most countries. While we’ve been busy working on PC, we’ve also been pouring over how to bring TFT from PC to mobile in a way that feels intentionally built for the platform.”


No exact release dates were provided for either Set 3 or the mobile release of Teamfight Tactics, but one would think that both of these would released at the same time in March.

Riot Games also just shared news on another one of its projects, the League card game called Legends of Runeterra. That game will have its PC open beta starting later this month following an early preview of the game after its initial reveal.