Teamfight Tactics Update Is Adding New Mystery Box System, Here's How It Works

Teamfight Tactics players will see a new item system in the League of Legends game mode when the [...]

Teamfight Tactics players will see a new item system in the League of Legends game mode when the next update releases soon. The "Mystery Box System" will alter how items are divvied out to players, though you can still expect to find your equipment during the mode's PvE rounds. Items will soon be split up into different rarities with players getting a more consistent amount of them throughout these rounds. An entirely new item is also being added to give players some help when it comes to finding and upgrading champions.

Players who've been playing attention to Riot Games' updates on plans for Teamfight Tactics changes will have heard something about the new item system by now. While parts of the game mode are built on RNG, one of the complaints from players has been the discrepancies in games regarding how many lucky some players can get by getting numerous items while other players may go a full PvE round without earning any. The new update looks to address some of those problems by revising the system with Mystery Boxes.

"We've changed how items are distributed in PVE rounds," the patch notes for the next Teamfight Tactics update said. "The goal is to keep a variety of experiences across many games, but also to make the game more fair over the course of a single game."

A breakdown of the contents found in these new boxes can be seen below along with the measures in place to make sure the number of items amassed isn't wildly different between players.

Mystery Box System

  • Common boxes contain: gold, champions, or Neeko's Help
  • Uncommon Boxes contain item components, gold, champions, or Neeko's Help
  • Rare boxes contain: Spatulas, full items, gold, champions, or Neeko's Help
  • Every player gets approximately the same number of boxes across a single game.
  • Every player gets approximately the same number of item components across a single game.

Another notable part of the Teamfight Tactics item changes is the addition of another item called "Neeko's Help." Just as Neeko is able to copy the appearance of another champion, this new item will let players clone one of the champions they already have. This means you could get some extra firepower on the field by cloning powerful 5-star units, you could sell the extra champion for gold if you're in bad need of extra money, or you can get one step closer to upgrading a champion. Riot discussed this item previously and answered some questions about how it would work.

Teamfight Tactics' next update with this new Mystery Box System is expected to release this week.