Tekken 7 May Be Adding Fatal Fury's Geese Howard as Early as Next Week

Who doesn’t love a good crossover? The Tekken franchise is no stranger to interesting [...]

(Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Who doesn't love a good crossover? The Tekken franchise is no stranger to interesting crossovers, and it's long-awaited addition of SNK's Geese Howard (Fatal Fury, King of Fighters) to Tekken 7 might finally be on the horizon. The immediate horizon, at that: while the official release window for the Geese Howard DLC is currently "Winter 2017," a handful of eager players went full-sleuth and found what might be a solid date.

This past week, two Twitter users noted their experiences in finding the dates and some extra details that seem to hint at the DLC's arrival. When Twitter user Flying_Wonkey pointed out the DLC's early listing on Xbox One, another user, xray2k1, pointed out a recent notice that the latest version of Tekken 7 would include some updates. It's pretty easy to figure it out from there.

If all of this is true, then the DLC will be out as early as next week, and fans of both the Tekken and Fatal Fury franchises will be in for a treat. Geese's fighting style is officially listed on the Tekken 7 website as 'Kobujutsu', a style he's practiced since his early appearances in the SNK franchise. Bandai Namco Exec and Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada spoke a little bit about how Geese would operate earlier this year, saying that fans of the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games might feel right at home in control of the legendary antagonist. "One of the things that are the same [as the SNK games]," said Harada, "Is that they have that stop/hit effect to the animations that make them look like their 2D counterparts."

In Tekken 7, Geese is set to face off against the likes of several Tekken favorites, along with other crossover characters like Street Fighter's Akuma, and Final Fantasy XV's Noctis. Stay tuned for official word from Bandai Namco on that DLC release date.

Source: PlaystationLife