Telltale Games Could Be Changing Up Its Format By Next Year


Over the past few years, we’ve become accustomed to how Telltale Games releases work. Lots of critical choices to assist with the storytelling for games like Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy. Quick-time events wrapped around those choices to keep things engaging. And the creation of memorable characters that stick with us – just ask anyone how big a fan they are of The Wolf Among Us, which is getting a follow-up next year.

But it appears that things are about to change. Telltale Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer recently had a chance to speak with GamesIndustry International about proposed changes within the company that could happen by next year, probably after the sequel to Wolf Among Us hits.

There’s nothing we can talk about yet, but it will be iterative. So you might see changes between episodes in current seasons. By the end of 2018, the format of a Telltale game could look fundamentally different from what it does now, even going down to how we release stuff,” Stauffer explained.

“Right now we release five episodes at a time, piece-by-piece every four or six weeks. The very nature of how we release our series could have changed by 2018. The release structure of these two projects [Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead] could be very different to what we have for Batman.

“I can’t commit to anything right now, but from format playability to release structure and cadence, we expect to see changes in all areas by the end of 2018."

Does this mean we’ve seen the last of episodic games? Not quite certain on that, but the team is ready to try something new. “We have yet to really tackle a romantic comedy, something on the lighter side,” he explained.


That said, business will still be as usual for the company, with more Batman: The Enemy Within chapters coming, along with the fifth chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy story arc, as well as any other projects the team may announced.

Whatever the case, we’re intrigued to see what it does next. If any team knows how to make an awesome game, it’s Telltale.