Tencent Possibly Building a League of Legends Theme Park

. For instance, Canada's Wonderland features rides such as the Leviathan and Behemoth. Zero [...]

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(Photo: OCE League of Legends)

The majority of us love theme parks. You can go spend the day having a blast on rides and eating all of the junk food humanly possible. We all have our favorites. Popular choices that come to mind consist of Six Flags (pick whatever one you want), Cedar Point, Walt Disney World, Disney Land, SeaWorld, and even Canada's Wonderland.

At all of these places, you'll jump on all of the generic rides they have to offer. For the most part, they have generic names that have nothing to do with anything (except for anything Disney, that's the exception here). For instance, Canada's Wonderland features rides such as the Leviathan and Behemoth. Zero connection to anything in the real world. What if a theme park was made around a central theme that we all love.

League of Legends.

Tencent, the owner of Riot Games, and the city of Wuhu announced that they have signed an agreement that they're going to build a gaming city. According to the announcement, Tencent's plan includes an esports theme park, an esports university, a culture and creative hub, animation studios, and a cloud data center.

Could you just imagine the possibilities? They're endless. Instead of bumper cars, imagine a bunch of Rammus shaped vehicles for you to Powerball yourself into. Let's chat rollercoasters. Similar to Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, an accelerator style rollercoaster could easily be built around Rek'Sai's ult. Not your thing? How about a spooky Nocturne style rollercoaster where at one point it's just darkness. DJ Sona could be playing all of the tunes throughout the park while Draven welcomes you to the theme park. Let's not forget that this amusement park would finally be able to serve the one food item League fans have always wanted to try.


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