The Avengers Project Is Aiming To Be A "Game of the Year" Level Title

Back in January 2017, Square Enix announced a multi-game partnership with Marvel that would see it create multiple games based on Marvel properties. To date, only one of these games has been announced: The Avengers Project, which is a placeholder name for an Avengers game in development at Crystal Dynamics. While we know The Avengers Project exists, that's about all we know. When the game was revealed in 2017, Square Enix promised more information in 2018, but it's 2019 now and there's been no word from it about the project. Alas, the only new information about the game that has been revealed, has come courtesy of various job listings, which provide tiny insights into what Crystal Dynamics is working on.

For example, a job listing for the position of Narrative Director makes multiple reference's to the game's story being charged with emotion. The same listing also sheds a little bit of light on Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' ambitions for the title, which are apparently quite big.

In the position requirements section of the listing, Crystal Dynamics notes that applicants should not only have a passion for games, but the "ambition to create a Game of the Year title." Now, every studio aims to create a Game of the Year title, that's normal, especially for a studio of Crystal Dynamics' caliber. However, to stamp that intention right in the position requirements is a bit extra and seems to suggest that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are really shooting for the stars with this one.

When you consider this is an Avengers game we're talking about, perhaps that isn't very surprising. In today's age, you don't make an Avengers game without an intention to make it the biggest and best game you can. And I'm sure Marvel wouldn't have signed the deal it did if it wasn't confident Square Enix could deliver on the expectations that come from making not just an Avengers game, but any Marvel title.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word from Square Enix about platforms or a release date, but hopefully that will change next month at E3, where Square Enix will be present and putting on a presser.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Do you think The Avengers Project will live up to the hype?


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