New Poster for The Cuphead Show Revealed

A new poster for Netflix's upcoming The Cuphead Show! has been revealed with Cuphead and Mugman both gracing the front of the poster. It features the signature look of the original game, Cuphead, though the characters have a bit more shine to them with a slightly different style compared to the game. No release date or any information like that was announced alongside the poster reveal, but the "coming soon" affixed to the poster should give Cuphead fans hope that the show won't be too far off now.

The poster for The Cuphead Show! can be seen below courtesy of the Cartoon Crave Twitter account. It's unclear where this poster came from beyond that since the same poster wasn't shared by the official Twitter account for the animated show nor does it appear to have been shared by any of Netflix's various Twitter accounts that promote these sorts of things. Regardless, it appears to be a legit poster for the show, and it'll come as a welcome sight for those who've been waiting for a while now to hear more about The Cuphead Show!

It's been some time now since we've heard any news about the new show with the last big development being the confirmation of a casting decision. It was announced that actor Wayne Brady would be the voice of King Dice, an announcement that was made in June during Netflix's Geeked Week. That was the same week that we got to see the clip below that showed a scene from one of the episodes featuring Brady as King Dice himself.

Beyond that, nothing else has been shared by the show's Twitter account since then. For that reason, it's understandable that many of the accounts responding to Cartoon Crave's poster reveal were pining for a release date – or really any kind of update – on The Cuphead Show! Some official previews of the show have been shared from time to time by Netflix, but news on The Cuphead Show! has been relatively quiet ever since the show was first announced in 2019.

DLC for the original Cuphead game is in a similar state. Called Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course and set to include things like a new character named Ms. Chalice and another adventure, the DLC was delayed last year to 2021. Like The Cuphead Show! itself, the DLC still does not yet have a release date.