'The Division 2' Trailer Previews Character Customization

Ubisoft released a brief new trailer for The Division 2 that showed off the game’s character [...]

Ubisoft released a brief new trailer for The Division 2 that showed off the game's character creation system.

Players who have tested The Division 2 in either a closed or open beta have gotten to experience Ubisoft's second game in the series already, but those test sessions didn't allow for a preview of the game's create-a-character feature. It won't be until next week when The Division 2 releases that players get to build their character themselves, but with the video below that was released by Ubisoft on Saturday, players can get a head start by seeing what some of the options are.

As far as character creations go, the system for The Division 2 appears to be a fairly standard one. Players can choose either a male or female character and a default head to start with. From there, deeper customization options that alter pretty much every aspect of the character's face can be accessed. Tattoos and other markings are among the customizable options, and of course there's always an array of outfits and clothing choices ranging from hats to sunglasses to shoes and everything in between.

Ubisoft's newest preview for The Division 2's character customization system comes just after a launch trailer was revealed just a week before the game's release on March 15th. There was also a promotion for the game that indicated The Division 2's version of Mexico was planning on building a wall to keep the virus found in the United States out of the country to the southern border. The Division 2 is a game which Ubisoft has said is apolitical, though the faux press release certainly depicted a different image.

Anyone who's planning on downloading The Division 2 on the PlayStation 4 will also have to set aside some time and space for a hefty download. Those on the Xbox One and PC platforms won't have nearly as long a wait though.

The Division 2 is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on March 15th.


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