The Division Resurgence Trailer Reveals New Dark Zone Details, Beta Plans

More news on The Division Resurgence, the first mobile game in The Division's universe, was finally shared this week during September's Ubisoft Forward event. In this latest reveal, we learned more about the game's version of the Dark Zone, the PvP system present in past Division games that'll once again make an appearance in the mobile title. Ubisoft also set the stage for the game's beta test which people can register for now to express their interest ahead of its release.

Starting with the beta because that test wasn't talked about nearly as much as the rest of the Dark Zone details shared, Ubisoft confirmed that this beta will take place at some point during the fall. For those interested in playing, you can sign up for a chance to try the bet in either the App Store or Google Play Store. All you'll need is some basic info to hopefully secure your spot in the test whenever it kicks off.

As for the Dark Zone, Ubisoft confirmed that this will be back in The Division Resurgence and will be a session-based mode where people can fight against other real players while looking to nab "Contaminated Loot" that has to be successfully extracted and decontaminated before it can be used. Players fight against others and look to score as much loot as possible while getting the gear onto a helicopter to make off with the goods, but even then, others can sabotage the escape.

"The Dark Zone is a session-based activity of The Division Resurgence," Ubisoft said about this game's mode. "To face the dangers present in it, you can go as a team with up to 3 other players. If you feel up for a challenge you can of course attempt a run into the DZ as a lone wolf, but whether you are part of a team or not, you will be matchmade with other players and the activity will start at the same time for everyone."

The Division Resurgence does not yet have a set release date but will have a beta on mobile devices in the fall.