The Division Resurgence Announced by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced yet another The Division video game. The Division Resurgence -- or, more technically, Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence -- is a new free-to-play third-person shooter RPG for mobile devices set within the world of The Division franchise. According to Ubisoft, it includes a new, canonical storyline and will release for iOS and Android devices, though an exact window for when that might happen has not been shared.

"The Division Resurgence brings the acclaimed The Division experience to handheld devices," Ubisoft's announcement reads in part. "Players will see a new and independent storyline set in a vast open world where they will be free to roam around an outstandingly detailed urban environment with stunning graphics. The game is playable solo or co-op with a variety of PvE activities, from story missions to world activities. This new chapter builds on all the original game modes, while bringing new gear and weapons to try out."

It would appear that the story of The Division Resurgence will happen concurrently to that of The Division and The Division 2 in some cases. The announcement specifically indicates that certain "key story events" from those two mainline titles will be seen from "a unique perspective" in The Division Resurgence. What exactly that might look like remains to be seen.

As usual, players take on roles as agents of the Strategic Homeland Division to protect civilians and work toward a brighter tomorrow. These characters can be customized by collecting and upgrading gear, unlocking new specializations and signature weapons and gadgets. The goal seems to be letting players fiddle around with their kit to determine the best possible synergies in co-op.

As noted above, The Division Resurgence is set to release for iOS and Android devices, though no definitive release date has been announced beyond the fact that it is coming soon. Interested players can sign up for the chance to participate in upcoming tests at the official website for the title. You can check out all of our previous coverage of The Division gaming franchise in general right here.

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