The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Player Discovers Secret Ending After 1,000 Hours

After almost 1,000 hours, a player of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player has discovered a secret [...]

After almost 1,000 hours, a player of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player has discovered a secret ending to one of the game's quests, or at least a quest ending that many of the game's players over on Reddit didn't know existed. While Skyrim is almost 10 years old, it still boasts a sizeable player base thanks to not only ports and mods that have extended the game's shelf life, but because of how much content it packs. On top of this, there's a mystique to the game that gives you the sense that there's always a new mystery to discover. The reality is that every discovery to be made has likely already been made by at least one player, but that doesn't mean most players, let alone every player, knows about said discovery.

To this end, one player recently took to Reddit and shared that after almost 1,000 hours with the game they just discovered that you can get a new Gildegreen sapling and save everyone in the Eldergleam sanctuary by just talking to Maurice and following his lead during The Blessings of Nature quest.

Responding to the top comment from a player surprised that Maurice didn't die, the original poster noted that they "believe that this is the right choice when it comes to this quest, since the path to the Eldergleam is now open and no one dies."

As alluded to, many of the game's fans over on the Skyrim Reddit page had no clue this existed. And if many of the game's most hardcore fans still playing and talking about the game to this day had no clue this existed, it's safe to assume a majority of the game's casual players have no clue this exists either.

"This is something I've never seen, Maurice has never triggered for me at the temple so I've always done the sap method," reads one comment. "I had no idea you could do this. I kept trying to slow time and save the people in the sanctuary. They just kept dying, and I got bored of reloading. I'm gonna try this next time," added another comment.

Again, if you didn't know about this, you're not alone. Another commentator reveals they had no clue about this after 10 years of playing the game and over 1,000 cumulative hours.

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