The Evil Within 2 Introduces An Evil Priest That Means Serious Business

As if you didn't already have enough evil forces to go up against in The Evil Within 2, a new trailer introduced by Bethesda has just let loose a big bad – and getting past him won't be easy.

In the trailer, which you can see above, we get introduced to a "wrathful, righteous priest" named Theodore, who's a lot more powerful than he seems. He has a huge connection with the underworld, and promises that anyone that gets in his way of getting his hands on the little girl (the same one your character is seeking) will be destroyed by his "wrathful" godhood.

Here's a description of what you can expect from Theodore, provided by Bethesda:

"Of all the characters in The Evil Within 2, Theodore is perhaps the most shrouded in mystery. Any detail about his past pushes into HUGE SPOILER territory. In other words, you'll have to play the game in order to unlock the secrets he hides.

In Theodore's mind, Mobius' goals with STEM are misguided. They want to use the device as a means of controlling the populace, but Theodore believes he's much better suited for the job than they could ever be. He sees STEM as a method for expanding his own influence, and seeks to circumvent Mobius from within their own device."

So, yeah. Chances are you're going to need a lot of ammunition to deal with whatever Theodore dishes out, since he considers himself a god that can't be stopped by conventional means. It's up to you to figure out his weakness and, if you can, stop him in his tracks. (That is, if you're not already busy enough with everything and everyone else already coming after you, which you can read more about in our hands-on impressions of the game.)

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We'll see just what The Evil Within is made of soon enough, as the sequel is expected to arrive on October 13th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC – just in time to build up some great Halloween gaming vibes. Currently, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order. Let's just hope you can figure out Theodore before he figures you out, yeah?