The Last of Us HBO TV Show Leaked Footage Shows Joel, Ellie, and Tess All Together

We have our first look at Joel, Ellie, and Tess all together, courtesy of some new footage taken from the final day of filming in Edmonton, Canada. The footage comes courtesy not of HBO or anyone involved with the project, but courtesy of a fan watching the filming from the sidelines. According to various reports, the show's production team is allowing fans to watch and film various parts of the filming process, which in turn means set photos and videos have been flooding Reddit and Twitter the past couple of weeks. 

In the process, we've seen new images and footage of both Joel and Ellie and the pair together, but this new footage not only provides us our first look at the aforementioned trio together, but our first look at Tess in general. Unfortunately, it's impossible to gauge what scene is being shot from the footage, but the fact that Tess is in the scene suggests it's an early scene from the show, or at least that's what the game it's adapting would lead you to believe. That said, this is just an assumption. At the moment, we don't know how much creative liberty the show is taking and how much it will divert from the timeline and events of the game. 

Below, you can check out the footage for yourself, courtesy of The Last of Us News:

The Last of Us is currently filming in Calgary, Canada. It's unclear how much filming is left, when we will see the first trailer of the TV show, or when it will release. For more coverage on the HBO show -- including all of the latest news, all of the latest rumors and leaks, and all of the latest speculation -- click here.

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