The Last of Us Part II Setting Confirmed, Game Will Be at E3 2018

The panel for The Last of Us Part II that Saturday night built up to during the PlayStation Experience event confirmed some suspicions about the game while hinting at other new details.

But first things first – if you didn't watch the panel, you missed out on a powerful duet between Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the voices of Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us. Starting the panel off right in the video above, the two voice actors sang the song "Wayfaring Stranger" before the crew being The Last of Us Part II took the stage to discuss the game.

Throughout the panel, writer Neil Druckmann fielded different questions about the game and how it'll be different from the first. From the trailers that have been shown already, the game certainly seems to have taken on much darker themes compared to the first, a transition that has some worried about the fate of the main characters, Joel and Ellie. When he was asked whether or not each of these characters might end up dying in the game, he mentioned that nobody was safe.

One detail that was confirmed though is the game's setting, a component that generated quite a discussion when the trailers for the game starting releasing. Some hawk-eyed viewers who noticed some familiar road signs and landmarks in the trailers guessed that the signs pointed towards a Seattle setting, and even though many were convinced of the theory already, Druckmann commented on the idea and confirmed the suspicion.

"A large part of the game takes place in Seattle, which Reddit detectives have already figured out," Druckmann said.


At the end of the panel, the host mentioned that she'd been able to see parts of the game that others hadn't. The word "gameplay" wasn't explicitly used, but when Druckmann was asked when everyone else would be able to see what she saw, he said that time would come during E3 2018.

You can check out the full panel for The Last of Us Part II in the video above, and look for more information on the game between now and its next big appearance at E3 2018.