The Nintendo Switch Might Be VR Capable After All


The Nintendo Switch system is a lot of things, but one thing that Nintendo is still up in the air about is having any sort of virtual reality support for it. Or…so we think.

According to EGM, a reverse engineer and security consultant by the name of Cody Brocious managed to find some interesting code within the operating system of the console. In that code, you can see as clear as day that there are virtual reality-based commands – in this case, two lines that indicate "IsVRModeEnabled" and "SetVrModeEnabled". These are apparently embedded within the Switch's IPC interfaces. You can see the documentation in Brocious' tweet below.

He noted that the code came from Nintendo, and wasn't "left over" by Nvidia, who provided the technology for the system.

Now, Nintendo never said it wasn't interested in virtual reality – just that it wasn't a focus right now. The company is probably paying close attention to how the PlayStation VR is performing for the PlayStation 4 before it makes any moves.

The company didn't have anything to note on the report, but the possibilities are definitely there. Here's hoping that it's certainly more effective than the Virtual Boy.


The Nintendo Switch is available now.