The Original Xbox One Console Has Officially Been Discontinued

The original Xbox One system launched back in 2013 and immediately became a big hit for Microsoft, [...]


The original Xbox One system launched back in 2013 and immediately became a big hit for Microsoft, despite its original $499 price tag and having the Kinect automatically included, something non-motion gamers weren't too thrilled about. Still, the system has built up a good userbase, and we've seen a number of variations with the original system model, including awesome Call of Duty and Forza-based systems.

But, alas, its time has come. Microsoft has officially confirmed that it has discontinued its original Xbox One system model, in favor of the Xbox One S and the soon-to-be-released Xbox One X, which is set to arrive this November.

It kind of makes sense, because the Xbox One S is a sleeker system and supports 4K Ultra Blu-Rays, whereas the original Xbox One doesn't. So it kind of is "old news" at this point.

"As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One X," the company confirmed.

Microsoft is now full steam ahead with its new system models, even going as far as to introduce a number of new Xbox One S bundles, including ones themed around Gears of War 4 (that sweet, sweet 2TB console), Battlefield 1, and, as of late, the Minecraft bundle that looks like a dream come true for some fans – although a bit hideous for normal gamers. Hey, can't win them all.

And then there's the Xbox One X itself, which Microsoft will be pushing on a hardcore level starting November 7th when it officially becomes available. Although it's not really a must-have by everyone's standards, there are a few 4K-ready gamers that can't wait to get their hands on it, and many first and third-party developers have already pledged their support for the system, so we'll suppose we'll see what happens.

But let's pour one out for the original Xbox One. It was a bulky console, sure, and we didn't really need the Kinect, but it was a marvel for Microsoft at the time, and introduced a plethora of features over the years that are now standard for the Xbox One S. Take care, old friend.