Become the Moon Man With The Outer Worlds Cosplay Guides

The Outer Worlds players have encountered many interesting characters in their travels across [...]

The Outer Worlds players have encountered many interesting characters in their travels across Halcyon by now from the Moon Man Martin Callahan to everyone's favorite companion, Parvati. If you've thought when encountering those characters that some of them had appearance that'd make for perfect cosplays, you're right, and you're in luck. Obsidian Entertainment shared an announcement on Friday to tell The Outer Worlds players that official cosplay kits have now been added to the game's Fan Kits, so anyone who wants to pull off an Outer Worlds cosplay don't need to look any further to get started.

The cosplay guides in question can be seen here on The Outer Worlds' site where the Fan Kit is found towards the bottom under a bunch of other media options. Simply download the Fan Kit and you'll find that it's got several folders with different resources that might be of interest to players. One of those is a "Cosplay Reference" folder, and inside there are five different cosplay guides.

Obsidian's five different cosplay guides that you'll find in the folder are for Ellie, a Hibernation Suit, a Marauder, the Moon Man, and Parvati. You can see the Moon Man's cosplay guide below included in Obsidian's tweet from where it announced the updated Fan Kits.

If you're just now getting into The Outer Worlds but don't have any interest in cosplaying as one of the characters, the Fan Kit has some other resources you might like. Joining the cosplay guides in the kit are ringtones, wallpapers, and social banners featuring things from The Outer Worlds if you want to update your social channels.

Obsidian has been fixing problems with The Outer Worlds and resolving players' concerns since the game was released by adding new settings and increasing the text size among other changes. There's also been a promise of story DLC to release in 2020, but the details of that content haven't been announced yet.

The Outer Worlds is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. There's a Nintendo Switch release planned for early next year, but an actual release date hasn't been announced yet. If you haven't yet played the game or if you're just looking for a second opinion on it, you can find our review of The Outer Worlds here.