The Simpsons: Hit & Run Remaster Could Happen, Says Producer

The Simpons: Hit & Run remaster could happen, according to the game's producer, but for now, it [...]

The Simpons: Hit & Run remaster could happen, according to the game's producer, but for now, it doesn't look very likely. For those that don't know: The Simpsons: Hit & Run, released back in 2003 via the GameCube, PS2, PC, and Xbox. And not only did it sell well -- as you would expect -- but it beat the odds and reviewed well, which is rare for a tie-in cartoon game. Since then, it's becoming increasingly a cult-classic, one that many nostalgic gamers have been asking for to return in recent years. That said, there hasn't been anything from Activision suggesting this will happen, however, a producer on the game has suggested it could, and that he would be interested in being involved with the project

"I could see it on multiple different types of platforms as a remake or remaster," said producer Vlad Ceraldi while speaking to LAD Bible. "It would have to take the parties who are in charge of the property to want that to happen and someone out there to decide that they were going to go out and do it. But absolutely, it would be fun to explore those characters and that universe again, that work again."

According to Ceraldi -- who's now at Hothead Games -- the prospect of doing something with the game has come up before, but these conversations were never very serious.

"It would be wonderful to reinvest in how you can control the characters, how you can control the world, how much of the world you can explore in detail," said Ceraldi. "So there's a lot more fidelity you can go for as far as content exploration than we were able to do in that particular era. There were a lot of references put into the game, but we didn't get everything. There's a lot more things that could be done and that would be fascinating for sure."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ceraldi claimed he and his team knew the game was going to be something special, despite a long-history of licensed cartoon games being lackluster at best.

"As far as why it stood the test of time, I think it's a game that kids could play, adults could play, anyone who was fans of the show could try and laugh and have fun with," said the producer. "When you make something, sometimes you know you've made something special. This was one of the ones that we knew we hit the mark. We didn't know it was going to sell as well as it did - we had high hopes, but it definitely hit its expectations."

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