The Sims 4 Update Mistakenly Adds Incest Bug

No, the headline is not clickbait... there is now incest in The Sims 4. The Sims franchise is a really wonderful, freeing series, but there have always been caveats. Although this is a game where you can have sex, have a job, raise a family, and live out some wild fantasies, EA is aware there are social stigmas that it needs to steer clear from for the sake of ethics. EA has still made great efforts to try and make its game as expansive as possible with years of content updates, including one recent one that allows players to become werewolves. It's all fun and games, usually! That is until a recent update created an absurd bug.

Players on Reddit and other forms of social media began realizing their Sims were starting to fall in love with family members. Reddit user ProfoundEnd noticed that their Sim wanted to have a romantic relationship with their own son. But this wasn't an isolated incident, far from it. A user on the EA Support forum reported a bug where their Sim wanted to get into a relationship with his twin sister. In that same thread, another user noted that their Sim wanted their father to become their boyfriend. To top it all off, Twitch streamer AshleyRoboto was streaming when she noticed a Sim was starting to develop romantic feelings for her brother. Of course, the team is already aware of this issue and looking into it. A QA developer noted on Twitter that they've already reproduced the bug and are working on a fix. The team is also looking to address an aging bug in the game as well.

Why is my Sim getting a whim to ask her own son to be her boyfriend? from thesims

With all of that said, if you notice your Sims behaving... abnormally, it seems like it will be fixed sooner rather than later. It's certainly one of the most bizarre bugs in a video game and something that, as far as we're aware of, hasn't ever been seen in another Sim game. Nevertheless, making games is complicated, so it's not too surprising that this happened.

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