The Sims 5 Reportedly Holding Playtests

The Sims 5 AKA Project Rene is currently undergoing playtests to get feedback about some of the new features. The Sims is one of the biggest franchises in gaming and it's not about murder, sports, war, crime, or crossovers. It's a series that has stayed true to its core over the year as a very casual experience where players can immerse themselves in a world and build a second life with a family, job, home, and so on. Some people take it more seriously, others create utter chaos with their sims, but it's something that has had long legs for decades now. The Sims 4 was released in 2014 and has been supported for years via expansion packs and while that seems like it will continue to be the case, EA is setting its sights on the future of the series.

Last week, The Sims 5 (referred to as Project Rene) was detailed and it sounds pretty interesting. It will feature multiplayer and be playable on multiple platforms, including mobile in some capacity. However, EA is focusing on its customization tools right now for how players can build/furnish their homes and such. As such, it's been reported by Insider Gaming that EA is inviting people to come playtest The Sims 5 and try out some of these new features. The playtests began on October 25th and allow invited players to invite three other friends to play with. You can view an excerpt of the playtest invite email below.

"This playtest will focus primarily on our new object customization tool currently called "Workshop." This tool is meant to help you customize objects to decorate an apartment. We encourage you to share your creations as well as download what other players have made. And to experience everything this playtest has to offer, remember that you can play with your friends!" 

As of right now, it's unknown when The Sims 5 will even release. It sounds like developer Maxis wants to try and get as much feedback as possible over the coming years, which means it's not close to releasing. It could be quite a while before we see the full shape of the project, but hopefully, it won't be long before we see more.

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