The Super Mario Bros. Movie Has a Different Script in Japan

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a different script in Japanese. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is one of the biggest movies of the year and could very easily cross a billion dollars at the box office in the next few weeks. Although it has divided some critics, the movie has gone over incredibly well for fans and families with small children. Nintendo has already confirmed more movies based on Nintendo properties are on the way, so it's clear they're pleased with the film too. Given Nintendo has had poor history with adaptations, that is saying a lot and shows that the so called video game movie curse may be a thing of the past as a whole.

With that said, there is a different version of The Super Mario Bros. Movie in Japanese. While other countries often feature different dubs to translate the dialogue into another language, some may not know that the script itself sometimes gets changed too. Speaking to GameSpot, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the Japanese version of The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a "unique" script. As of right now, it's unclear if there are any major differences besides possibly changing some words around, but select theaters will be showing the Japanese version of the film starting April 28th, so you can see for yourself.

"Since we were creating this movie in both Japan and the United States, we thought we should make a Japanese version as well," he said. "When we decided to make this movie, we discussed creating a unique Japanese script from the beginning. Even if we were shown an English script, it would be hard to understand the subtle nuances."  

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is expected to kick off a franchise that will feature sequels and spin-offs, but we have yet to see what exactly those could be. Either way, it seems like Mario will transcend gaming from here on out and who knows what exactly that will look like in future films.

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