The Surge 2 Gameplay Unveiled In New Trailer

Developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released the first-ever look at The [...]

Developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released the first-ever look at The Surge 2's gameplay via a near one-minute-long trailer.

In addition to featuring Dark Souls-esq combat galore, the trailer showcases the new Park sector that is located smackdown in the middle of a city ravaged by the events of the previous game. Now, devious mercenaries, called The Hunters, roam the Park's artificial, man-made forest in search of a "powerful creature." Trekking through here, players will need to watch out for their traps, cloaking devices that hide them, and most of all, the out-of-control former park guardians.

According to Deck13, The Surge 2 keeps what fans liked about the first game, such as its hardcore combat that utilized a unique, dynamic limb targeting system that allows you sever the limbs of your enemies and use them as weapons our your armor. Also, it will contain the first game's "deep character progression." However, Deck13 didn't just sit on these systems, but took the heart of them and refined them, which partially shows in the new trailer.

Other refinements include "larger and more ambitious level design," which was made possible by engine upgrades, as well as more brutal combat that features more tactics, advanced dodging, directional parrying, and "unique AI behaviors."

Further, more weapons, implants, drones, and abilities have been added to player's arsenals as they take on a set of "diverse new enemies and bosses."

Pitched as a sci-fi Dark-Souls-lite action-RPG, The Surge released last year and garnered a low 70's Metacritic score and a decent fanbase. At the time, the game's story and moment-to-moment combat was praised, but some gameplay and structural design was equally criticized.

The Surge 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment, a release date beyond "2019" hasn't been provided. Given it took all the way until August for the gameplay reveal to come, it's perhaps not a bad bet that the title will likely hit in the second half of 2019 opposed to the first half.

Anyway, hit the comments and let us know what you think. Did you play the first game? Any interest in trying the sequel out?