The Surge 2 Releases Grisly "You Are What You Kill" Trailer

There's a new trailer for The Surge 2 out as of Friday, and if you're not familiar with Focus Home Interactive's series, get ready for a lot of decapitations and general dismantling of people and robots. The "You Are What You Kill" trailer, as its name suggests, is all about identifying parts of opponents that you think would suit your build, lopping those off with your own weapons, and assimilating them into your setup. Your enemies understandably aren't too keen on parting with their limbs, so you'll have to be precise with your strikes and maneuvers to get what you need.

It's a mechanic that lets players "pick your loadout in the most violent way possible," according to the description of the trailer. The trailer showcases this in a neat time-lapsed style where we start with a character who pretty much has nothing to their name besides a weapon and the starts of an exoskeleton. By chopping their first enemy in half, the build begins with some armor acquired from the fallen enemy. Throughout the rest of the trailer, the player acquires helmets, weapons, and other gear from a variety of enemies both biological and robotic.

This same limb-hacking system was found in The Surge that came before this sequel, but the second game builds on the formula and puts players in a new setting called Jericho City.

"To survive this brutal world you will need new equipment – and The Surge franchise's iconic limb-cutting mechanics provide just such an opportunity," an overview of this build system reads. "In this new video see how every weapon, every piece of enemy armor and equipment can be targeted, torn off, and equipped to your exo-rig. This produces new builds, letting you destroy your enemies in ever-more-satisfying ways."

Another teaser trailers shared not long ago within The Surge's Twitter account showed off some more of the bosses you'll find and dismantle along with the Delver Echo Alpha boss shown in the trailer above.


Like other RPGs, there's a lot to consider here with your build as you pick apart enemies. Different gears provides various levels of defense against certain elements and combat stats while players manage resources like health and battery levels.

The Surge 2 releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on September 24th.