The Warriors Board Game Announced

The cult classic movie The Warriors is getting its own board game. Earlier this month, Funko Games announced they would release The Warriors: Come Out to Play in early 2022. The board game follows the plot of the movie, as the titular Warriors gang tries to escape back to Coney Island after they are framed for the death of a rival gang leader. Hot on their tails are various other gangs, all of whom are trying to kill them. The Warriors: Come Out to Play is billed as a cooperative survival game, where players have to work together to make it back home. Players will need to not only survive, but also maintain their reputation and prove their innocence as they make their way through the dangerous streets of New York. 

Based on the 1965 movie of the same name, The Warriors starred Michael Beck and was directed by Walter Hill. The movie received mostly negative reviews at the time of its release, but it has since become a cult classic praised for its violence and stylish storytelling. The movie has also had surprisingly long merchandising legs - two video game were released, including a fighting game made by Rockstar Games and a scroller game called The Warriors: Street Brawl. A television remake was also in the works at one point, with Joe and Anthony Russo attached to produce. While the series was picked up by Netflix back in 2018, there's been no news on the show since.

The Warriors: Come Out to Play comes with seven sculpted miniatures representing the gang leaders of New York. Players will also be able to control one of the eight Warriors from the movie, each of which has their own abilities. The game is designed by Prospero Hall, the design studio behind popular board game adaptations like Horrified.

Funko Games has announced several adaptations of popular movies, including a legacy board game based on the Jurassic World trilogy of games.


The Warriors: Come Out to Play will be released in February 2022 and has a retail price of $24.99.