The Weird Adds Strange Moments and Encounters to Every TTRPG Game

Monte Cook Games has launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Weird, a new book that adds thousands of suggestions and prompts to help make your tabletop roleplaying game strange and unique. Earlier this week, Monte Cook Games launched a BackerKit crowdfunding game for The Weird, a unique tabletop roleplaying game book. The new book provides prompts, adventure hooks, and suggestions to make every facet of a tabletop RPG campaign weirder. Individual chapters are dedicated to NPCs, creatures, places, magic items, gear, spells, abilities, names, appearances, backgrounds, plots, structures, vehicles, and even player characters, with each chapter providing ideas for making its subject more whimsical and strange. 

Each chapter contains four types of "Weird" – Interesting, Whimsical, Surprising, and Gonzo. A preview for the book provided some examples as to what divided each category. An interesting cat might have bright red fur, while a gonzo cat coughs up tiny robot versions of itself instead of hairballs. One unique aspect to The Weird is that it's not intended to work with a single game system; instead, the suggestions can be slotted into any campaign or one-shot, regardless of the rule system. 

Also included in the campaign is a new Numenera sourcebook called The Glimmering Valley. The Glimmering Valley incorporates some of the concepts of The Weird into a new region to explore, offering Numenera players (or players of another high fantasy campaign) with a host of strange secrets to find. 

Backers of the campaign can receive digital copies of The Weird with an $18 pledge, while a physical copy is available for $55. Multi-book pledge levels are available as now. As of press time, the campaign for The Weird has already raised over $200,000, which far exceeds its $50,000 initial goal.

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