'The Witcher' Artist Re-Imagines Geralt of Rivia As a Woman

While we still wait for more on Henry Cavill's take on The Witcher protagonist in the upcoming [...]

While we still wait for more on Henry Cavill's take on The Witcher protagonist in the upcoming Netflix series, one artist decided to put their own spin on a fan favorite. No, no one is campaigning for Geralt to suddenly be a woman. This is simply a stunning piece of fan art re-imagining a beloved character in a new light.

Many were quick to point out that this could arguably be Ciri, another witcher in the The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt. Geralt is known for being gruff, muscled, and with a face that wears his scars proudly. Though the Ciri point definitely makes sense, the beauty of fan art is that it is in the eye of the artist. On that note, meet Geraldine of Rivia:

"Geraldine of Rivia, the female version of Geralt" by A BUBU from r/witcher

Though a little daintier than one would imagine, the artist absolutely nailed the level of detail seen in the above painting. From the shading of her face, to the instantly recognizable glow of her eyes, to even the incredible attention to detail seen in her pendant, this is an incredible tribute to a franchise that continues to be esteemed as one of the greatest RPGs in recent years.

As far as another version of Geralt goes, The Witcher Netflix series is still without a release date, though it is slated for some point next year. You can see the Man of Steel's take on the character in the video at the bottom of the article that shows off a bare-faced Geralt looking less weathered than we know him from the games. Since the upcoming Netflix series is reportedly based on the books and set in a time years before the third game, it's understandable that Geralt would look younger with a fresher face. Plus his hatred for facial hair was wildly known in the original novels.

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