'The Witcher:' Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt in New Netflix Series

Henry Cavill is making the jump from the DC Universe to the world of Witchers, Witches, and Trolls, as he will be the lead in Netflix's The Witcher (via Deadline).

Cavill will be playing the ever popular Geralt of Rivia, whom fans have gotten to know not only in the original novels, but also in the hit Witcher games. The series is based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, and the Netflix series will be based more on the novels than on the game.

The series doesn't have any other official cast attached but will be directed and executive produced by Alik Sakharov, Alex Garcia Lopez, and Charlotte Brandstrom. Sapkowski will be a creative consultant on the series, and Sean Daniel, Jason Brown, Tomek Baginski, and Jarek Sawko will also be executive producing.

The story will revolve around Geralt, a monster hunter that ends up intertwined with a powerful sorceress and a young princess, one with a dangerous secret. The three will then end up on a journey together it seems, and will rely on their skillset as they make their way across the continent.

Geralt is one of a long line of Witchers, who specialize in monster hunting for a price. That price demands coin from those who wish to have monsters slain, but it also demands a price from the Witchers themselves, as they must submit to a ritualistic process, as well as extensive physical and mental training to become one. It's necessary since they are able to use potions and mutagens in battle depending on the enemy, but they also have abilities that include enhanced strength, speed, and endurance.


This also allows them the use of Signs, which they can call on at a moment's notice either in battle or in just interacting with other people, persuading others or casting a shield or a swath of fire.

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