'The Witcher' Netflix Series: Yennefer Actress Anya Chalotra Imagined In Character

Earlier this month, Netflix finally revealed the main cast of its upcoming TV adaptation series, [...]

Earlier this month, Netflix finally revealed the main cast of its upcoming TV adaptation series, The Witcher. And as you would expect, it was greeted with a mixed bag.

While many fans applauded Netflix and co. for its casting of Ciri and Geralt, fans were less enthusiastic about Anya Chalotra being cast as one of the main leads, Yennefer, who also is Geralt's main love interest.

At the time, it seemed the bulk of the criticism that was lodged centered around her age (Chalotra is only 21 years old, which some think is too young) and whether the young, less-experienced actress would be able to capture Yennefer's large and unique personality. To me, it seemed like a bunch of hooplah about nothing, but there's no doubting many fans weren't very smitten by the casting.

That all said, we will have to wait quite some time before we know whether or not the above concerns will have been warranted, with the series not scheduled to release until sometime next year. In fact, we haven't even seen Chalotra in character yet, so it seems trivial to judge her ability to be Yennefer at the moment.

As you might know, Yen has a very distinctive look -- with her locks of curly, raven black hair -- that would be hard to get wrong. And while we don't have any official shots or idea of what Chalotra's portrayal of the sorceress will look like, one fan and artist, has taken it upon themselves to imagine the actress in character.

Taking to Tumblr, an artist going by the moniker "indigoneutrino" posted the following imagination of what the character might look like in the show. Whether it's accurate or not, who knows, but it does provide a pretty good glimpse into what could be.

(Photo: indigoneurtrino via Tumblr)

As you may know, while Yen is actually a century old in the book series, she is described as looking like a young twenty something, and so not only does Chalotra's casting make sense in that regard, but if the final product looks anything like this, I'd say Netflix did a pretty darn good job.

The Witcher Netflix series currently doesn't have a release date, but it is expected to release sometime next year.