The Witcher Season 2 Reveals Two New Characters From the Books

The Witcher has geared up production once more for season 2, and the sophomore season will welcome several big characters from the books to the show, including Vesemir, Nivellen, Lambert, Lydia, Dijkstra, and more. Thanks to some new audition videos on Vimeo we now have an idea of two more fan-favorite characters from the books making their debut in the show and those characters will be Jacob Fenn and Codringher (via Redanian Intelligence).

Fenn has been confirmed for season 2 thanks to some audition videos, and those videos also revealed that he'll be joined by his partner Codringher. Fenn and Codringher run a detective agency in the books, specifically in Time of Contempt, where they help Geralt narrow down who his enemies are.

In the books Fenn is bound to a wheelchair, and it seems Netflix is looking to cast an actor with a disability in the role. As for the audition videos, you can find the transcript of the scene (which will differ from what's in the show) below.

“Cobb“: Some kings build statues to their vanity. Perhaps Ethan collects saracens and he could want the girl to have a legitimate claim to Carthage [to or related facts].

Fenn: Yes Cobby it’s probably pure coincidence that Ethan wants the princess who has a secret power to shut her saracens and has a claim to the throne he has already taken by force. Hm yeah.

“Cobb“: Funny, I was just thinking, you know what would help find answers faster? Your sarcasm. There’s a sequence that keeps coming up in the genealogy of courts, but I’ve never heard of it.

Fenn: Spell it!

“Cobb“: [speaking in Hen Linge, the Elven language]. Think it’s a misnomer.

Fenn (mumbles): Hang on, hang on. Hah! And when the men proved hostile, bringing death and destruction, multiplying and infesting their lands, the natives built a weapon to destroy them. (repeating the words in Hen Linge again). It’s a misinterpretation. They didn’t build a weapon, they built a warrior."


Fenn and Codringher's scenes in the books are small but they are important, and we're glad they are making the jump to the show.

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